• Daniel S. Demba, ESQ.
  • Gwen L. Feder, ESQ.
  • Sandrea Friedman, ESQ.
  • Peter Goldfeder
  • Josh Goldgrub
  • Peter Gosule
  • Aisha Harris, ESQ.
  • Michael C. Hutt, ESQ.
  • Jordan Kaye, ESQ.
  • Daniel S. Lux, ESQ.
  • Sarah G. Marshall, ESQ.
  • Karen Morris
  • Nzinga Parris, ESQ.

In 1994, Sandrea Friedman, Peter Goldfeder and Peter Gosule founded The PeterSan Group, one of the nation’s premier legal search and consulting firms.  We are a full service legal search firm, placing attorneys in all facets of the legal market.  Our team of experienced legal search consultants services all our clients’ hiring needs in a professional and timely manner.

We work closely with our clients to establish a comprehensive understanding of the particular needs of every search. We then conduct each search in a highly confidential and professional manner. Our comprehensive and state-of-the-art database enables us to efficiently match the most qualified attorneys for each search. For attorneys, that means we provide individualized attention and offer career alternatives that make sense for that person’s particular goals.   For employers, that means we will introduce a select group of attorneys who are truly what you’re looking for.

In addition to law firm mergers and placing partners, practice groups, and associates, The PeterSan Group has unmatched depth in in-house placement. From General Counsel, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Chief Compliance Counsel, and Heads of Corporate and Litigation to more junior searches, we have helped hundreds of attorneys make the transition to in-house practice.

Searches are conducted on a retainer or contingency fee basis. Our clients include leading law firms worldwide as well as financial institutions, investment banks, consumer product, aerospace, chemical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment, new media, and other Fortune 500 companies.

The PeterSan Group has built its reputation by giving our law firm and in-house clients exactly what they’re looking for. Our clients appreciate our disciplined screening of candidates, based on decades of practical and professional experience, resulting in a few choice resumes with the perfect experience and credentials. The PeterSan Group’s decades of experience – and the experience of many of our recruiters as attorneys at premier law firms and at top law departments as in-house attorneys – means that we can use our experience and extensive networks to find the top-quality candidates who are not actively looking for a new role.

The PeterSan Group conducts searches on a retained or contingent basis, depending upon the nature of the search.  Our experience with retained searches informs our approach to contingent search as well:  we focus on delivering precisely the right candidates, in terms of not just skill set and credentials, but also in terms of intangibles like “fit” and ability to generate business.






In House Placement

The PeterSan Group’s unique depth of expertise with in-house recruiting means that we understand the qualities that make for a successful in-house attorney in particular, as well as the different requirements between practicing in a firm and practicing in-house. The candidates we introduce for in-house roles are selected with this in mind.

Partner Placement

We recruit and place partners, doing everything we can to utilize everyone’s time efficiently and to add real value along the way.  In partner placement, there is no substitute for investing time and energy up front to understand all of the relevant facts and issues or for diligently following a transaction through to completion.  For partners looking for a new home, this helps us develop a short list of the best firms to approach and then to guide you through the process of understanding what your options are, and what makes the most sense for you and your practice.  For firms, it means we bring you only candidates whose practices and personalities will fit into your firm and culture.

Associate Placement

The PeterSan Group has a proven track record of placing associates in high-caliber in house roles, as well as helping associates plan the right lateral move to another firm. Our decades of experience, working with attorneys at each stage of their careers, helps you plan for your next steps with the benefit of that market knowledge.